TCOR – Total Cost of Risk for Insurance Brokers

TCOR - Total Cost of Risk

It's not Total Cost of Risk (TCOR), unless it's TCORCalc.

The only sales platform able to quantify a buyer's true total cost of risk.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Quantify Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)

For years the insurance industry has quantified total cost of risk using an incomplete, obsolete model. Simply quantifying risk financing and loss costs is not good enough. What about the costs of indirect losses? How about the administrative impact of your risk control services? Until now, quantifying these factors hasn't been possible. With TCORCalc you'll be able to create an accurate total cost of risk snapshot incorporating every element of a buyer's cost structure.

Improve Your Hit Ratios

Access Exclusive TCOR Analytics

With a TCORCalc  membership you will have access to our exclusive database of certified total cost of risk metrics (only available to our clients). You will be able to quantify indirect loss costs by industry and region and also valuate your risk control services using our project management software.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Compare Total Cost of Risk Snapshots

Quickly build, compare and analyze multiple years of buyer total cost of risk. Track trends, pinpoint areas for concern, and fiscally valuate broker performance (yours and/or your competition's performance). Create TCOR reports and comparisons that will surely get the attention of any data-driven CFO.

Increase & Justify Your Broker Fees

Build a Better Value Proposition

Accurately quantify your financial performance by analyzing your impact on all areas of a buyer's cost structure. With TCORCalc, you can compare and analyze multiple years of TCOR performance data with just a few clicks. Forget spreadsheets and hours of number crunching by hand. We do all the work for you -  in real time.

Can't properly quantify a buyer's total cost of risk? With TCORCalc, you will have all the tools and data needed at your fingertips to create meaningful value propositions.

TCOR - Total Cost of Risk

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