Sales Process for Insurance Brokers

Analytic Brokerage™ Insurance Sales Process

Work a consistent, client-focused insurance sales platform.

Supercharge your sales with our successful large account production system.

Increase Your Large Account Production

A Smarter Sales Approach

Gain new business with a consistent, client-focused sales message. Track key moving parts of the sale and know exactly what to do next to get the BOR. Build a powerful value-proposition that directly impacts an individual buyer's business goals. Deliver meaningful client reports and presentations that demonstrate your unique, data-driven results. Lock the back door on your competition and build client relationships that last.

Improve Your Hit Ratios

A Consistent Sales Message

Ideal for sales teams, the Analytic Brokerage sales process contains a replicable, consistent, and unique sales message. Whether your firm operates in one location or has multiple offices around the country, TCORCalc keeps everybody connected and working on the same sales platform. Build your brand on client outcomes, differentiate yourself from your competition, and grow your sales footprint in an effective way.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Quantifiable Client Outcomes

Quantify the value of your business relationship with insurance buyers in hard dollars and business financial impacts. Using TCORCalc and the Analytic Brokerage sales process you will be able to quantify total cost risk analyses, generate data-driven sales presentations, and track your own client performance to differentiate yourself in the market place.

Increase & Justify Your Broker Fees

Gain Broker Control

Using Analytic Brokerage's proprietary IRRI ValueScore System you will be able to analyze where you are within the flow of a large account deal.  Stop guessing what should happen next to move a buyer toward a BOR. Know exactly where you stand within the deal, what do next to keep it moving along, and when to go for the close. Analytic Brokerage and TCORCalc put you in control of the sales process.

Take your sales team to the next level. With the Analytic Brokerage insurance sales process and TCORCalc software platform, you will increase your production of large accounts and retain your current clients. 

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