Resource Management for Insurance Brokers

Insurance Broker Resource Management

Track and valuate your resource deployment and client projects.

Quantify the value of your risk control services.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Valuate Your Services

Most insurance buyers do not know the value of risk control services. In fact 80-85% of your value is virtually unknown to your best clients and prospects. With TCORCalc, you can demonstrate the financial benefit of your resource management program. Track the frequency of projects, quantify a financial value for each, and generate reports that showcase the impact of your firm's risk control services on an insurance buyer's balance sheet.

Improve Your Hit Ratios

Claim Credit for Outcomes

Low claims frequency and losses are a product of either well-managed risk control services or luck. The TCORCalc resource management software helps you prove the former. Track resource deployment, valuate the cost of your services, and demonstrate how an insurance buyer's total cost of risk (TCOR) was impacted by your dedicated service plan.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Customize Your Core Services

Resource management for an account is a snap with TCORCalc. Quickly create and save reusable project templates, attach them to policy years, valuate the financial impact of the service, and/or track personnel and labor hours associated with the risk control service. Get organized. Claim credit for your good work.

Increase & Justify Your Broker Fees

Access Exclusive Resource Templates

TCORCalc customers have access to dozens of pre-filled resource management templates. From claims reviews to certificates, our templates were designed to show insurance buyers how a service directly impacts their cost structure. Moreover, our templates were valuated by experts in Risk Control who understand the costs associated with various risk control services.

80-85% of your value is unknown to your best clients and prospects. With TCORCalc, you will claim credit for your resource management by tracking and valuating your service deployments. 

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