Insurance Sales Presentations

Insurance Sales Presentations

Deliver meaningful new insurance sales presentations, business presentations and stewardship reports.

Attract and retain large accounts with TCORCalc client deliverables.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Insurance Sales Presentations

Gain new business with consistent, client-focused new business presentations. Analyze an insurance buyer's current financial leakage to identify a course of action. Project your current client results on an insurance buyer's total cost of risk to demonstrate your unique ability to reduce their costs, most of all increase revenue. Showcase your risk control services and their financial impact on the insurance buyer's business goals. Quantify your value proposition in terms of buyer business objectives and grow your book of business.

Improve Your Hit Ratios

Stewardship Reports & Improved Retention

Quickly and efficiently generate and deliver professional stewardship reports to your best clients. Quantify the financial impact of your business relationship with them over time. Increase your retention and avoid unnecessary competition. Showcase your risk control services and their financial impact on the insurance buyer's business goals. Create a plan of action to further service their account. As a result you will increase your longevity as their broker of record.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Total Cost of Risk Analysis

Quickly build, compare and analyze multiple years of buyer total cost of risk to strengthen your insurance sales presentations. Track trends, pinpoint areas for concern, and fiscally valuate broker performance (yours and/or your competition's performance). Create TCOR reports and comparisons that will surely get the attention of any data-driven CFO.

Increase & Justify Your Broker Fees

Analytic & Internal Reporting

As a TCORCalc client, you will have access to multiple internal reports to help you better manage your best, largest accounts and prospects. Generate risk control service project logs for sales presentations. Keep track of your firm-based performance analytics with TCORCalc's Insight Report. Furthermore, keep on schedule with TCROCalc's report scheduler and email notification system.

Got your appointment with C-Suite? With the TCORCalc software platform, you will deliver meaningful insurance sales presentations to attract and retain your best clients. 

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