Competitive Differentiation for Insurance Agencies

Insurance Agency Differentiation

Stand Apart from Your Competition

Deliver results buyers truly want.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Forget Insurance

Learn how to differentiate yourself as a business consultant who specializes in business improvement outcomes. Remove yourself from the pricing and placement of insurance. Compete on a B2B level by providing the insurance buyer with data-driven analyses from TCORCalc that prove you are a valuable business partner (not an insurance specialist). Quantify the financial benefit of a partnership with your organization.

Improve Your Hit Ratios

Speak the Language of Business Outcomes

Sophisticated C-Suite buyers in the modern age use analytics to measure their business performance. Meet them on the same playing field, by demonstrating your ability to directly impact their long/short term business goals. With TCORCalc, you will learn how to prospect smarter, approach on a B2B consultant level, and leave your compeition behind as you differentiate yourself as a necessary business partner.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Provide Buyer Decision Support

Become a trusted business partner by validating your performance with data-driven results. CEOs and CFOs turn to outcomes and metrics to determine their course of action during any buying process. With TCORCalc, you will be able to provide them the decision support required to appoint you as their broker of record.

Increase & Justify Your Broker Fees

Exceed Buyer Expectations

Buyer expectations are rapidly changing in the modern era. No astute business person is interested in the mechanics or placements of insurance policies. Transform the process of buying insurance into an exercise of business improvements. Differentiate yourself by demonstrating how the financial impact of your risk control services far outweigh the price and coverage of their insurance policies.

Can't stand out in the highly competitive insurance landscape? With TCORCalc, you will differentiate yourself from your competition by selling data-driven outcomes that go far beyond the price of insurance. 

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