Increase Productivity for Insurance Brokers

Increase Broker Productivity

Digital sales training, consistent sales deliverables & full-service account management.

Spend your time growing your agency. Let TCORCalc manage the details.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Build Sales Presentations Quickly

Forget spreadsheets, calculators and dozens of hours of number-crunching. With TCORCalc you will efficiently analyze insurance buyer data, run what-if scenarios, and build the perfect value proposition to maximize your financial impact.  Manage account deadlines with email notifications, track missing information with action items, and import/export insurance buyer account data with just a few clicks.  Showcase your value and increase productivity in your office with TCORCalc.

Improve Your Hit Ratios

Digital Sales Training Platform

Train your production team to become Analytic Brokers and your resource and support team to become TCORCalc super users with our full-service online training system. Watch sales training videos and application-use videos directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Feel confident that personnel changes will cause minimum disruption, new or existing brokers will learn the sales process quickly, and your support team and resource personnel will be fully engaged and ready to service your best accounts.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Consistent Sales Message and Deliverables

Unify behind one consistent sales message, approach, and a set of replicable client sales presentations. Feel confident that your sales team is speaking the same language and providing uniform presentations to large account insurance buyers. Build brand reputation around delivering stellar client financial outcomes. Increase productivity and grow your footprint by working a consistent, successful sales process.

Increase & Justify Your Broker Fees

Account Management & Action Items

As a TCORCalc client, you will have access to multiple tools to help you better manage your largest accounts and prospects and increase productivity. Manage an unlimited amount of complex, large accounts with TCORCalc's action item system. Keep track of your firm-based performance analytics with TCORCalc's Insight Report. Keep on schedule with TCORCalc's report scheduler and email notification system.

Looking to increase productivity and build your brand?
With the TCORCalc, you will work a consistent sales process to attract and retain large account buyers. 

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