Data and Analytics for Insurance Brokers

Data & Analytics

Access exclusive industry data. Develop your own performance metrics.

Move from opinion to the world of data-proven results.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Access Exclusive Industry Data and Analytics

TCORCalc clients have access to exclusive, game-changing industry data and analytics that have been compiled and certified from brokerages across North America. Pull up indirect loss cost quantification factors by industry and region. Valuate your risk control services to ensure maximum client value. Project your aggregated client performance results onto a prospect's total cost of risk analysis to build a powerful value proposition.

Improve Your Hit Ratios

Impact Buyer KPIs

Meet CFOs on their playing field by demonstrating your impact on their business's key performance indicators. Help insurance buyers achieve their EBITDA goal. Increase their shareholder stock valuation. Improve their profits and grow their margins. Create industry specific KPI's and demonstrate an accurate impact. With TCORCalc, you'll win over astute buyers by attaching your data and analytics to their business goals.

Increase Your Large Account Production

Quantify Your Value

Quantify the value of your business relationship with insurance buyers in hard dollars and business financial impacts. Using TCORCalc data and analytics you will be able to quantify total cost risk analyses, generate data-driven sales presentations, and track your own client performance to differentiate yourself in the market place.

Increase & Justify Your Broker Fees

Build Your Own Performance Metrics

By adding clients and prospects to the TCORCalc software system, you will begin developing your own Broker Performance Metrics. These metrics are individualized to your firm and are unique. Track premium performance by line of coverage. Project your loss cost impact on a potential buyer's current total cost of risk. Use your firm-based performance metrics to prospect new business and close deals.

Without data you're just another person with an opinion. With TCORCalc data and analytics, you will provide certified, impartial results to large account buyers. 

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