What is TCOR 2.0?

For close to 50 years, Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) has been the measurement of a risk management financial effectiveness. 

The “old” version of TCOR measures only a small part of the financial impact of a risk management program or broker services.

TCOR 2.0™  is the data-driven assessment of a buyer’s cost structure that offers next level insight of risk services impact and provides financial impact quantification.


Old vs. New

Like many other measurements, the original TCOR of 50 years ago has been made obsolete. With the advent of cloud computing and data aggregation, Brokers and Risk Services Providers can now go deeper than ever before with credible business intelligence.

TCOR 2.0™ offers a comprehensive, data-driven analysis of a buyer’s complete cost structure. Moreover, it provides a financial impact asssesment of risk services.  At last, Brokers and Service Providers can provide an accurate, certified impact!

TCOR 2.0

Traditional TCOR asseses the following cost factors:



Risk Financing Costs

The cost of the insurance (premiums), broker fees, and securitization of claims payment (along with other placement fees).


Cost of Claims

The out-of-pocket expense of a claim event and the amount that is retained inside the buyer’s organization.

Based on emerging data, TCOR 2.0™ measures TCOR + these important items:



Enterprise Cost of Claims

The ultimate cost of a claim event as it touches many operating entities, business units and budgets inside an organization. As the claim event ripples through the organization, the Enterprise Cost of Claims grows substantially.


Cost Reduction Techniques

TCOR 2.0™ measures the financial impact of the Cost Reduction techniques whether they be claims management, information systems, risk control services or brokerage resources.


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Impacts

TCOR 2.0™ demonstrates your impact on the buyer’s organizational goals: EBITDA, margins, shareholder value, productivity and more!  It is translated into financial terms.

 Don’t get left behind.

TCOR 2.0™ is rapidly being accepted by risk services buyers, brokers and financial executives across North America as the most accurate gauge of financial outcomes.

Brokers and Risk Services Providers who compete by providing buyers an accurate assessment of their business partnership will outpace their competitors and grow their footprint. 

It’s time to elevate your capability to meet the expectations of your sophisticated clients. With TCOR 2.0™, you’ll gain a seat at the table as trusted business consultant.