Why You Need TCORCalc®

why you need total cost of risk calculations for insurance analytics

total cost of risk calculation for insurance

For many years insurance brokers have looked for the most effective way to compete for, attract, and retain large accounts. Your firm has likely been talking about this and trying to develop a reliable system to increase your Market Share and demonstrate your value to upper/middle-market buyers. Our sales platform and software solutions for insurance brokers address the following concerns:


  • You’ve wanted to implement a consistent and replicable Sales Model across your entire footprint.
  • You’ve wanted to value your Resource Capabilities and differentiate yourself in a quantifiable fashion.
  • You’ve wanted to deliver meaningful Stewardship Reports and New Business presentations to your best clients and prospects.
  • You’ve wanted to develop a unique Value Proposition based on Client Financial Outcomes.
  • You've wanted a software solution for insurance brokers that can handle the complexities of large account production.


Up until now, you haven’t been able to do it to your satisfaction. It’s not your fault, the technology did not exist until now. The era of Big Data and Analytics is rapidly changing your playing field. The firms that are capturing this in their large account sales processes are prospering. The rest are being left behind.


'I produced over $650,000 of large account new commissions and fees using the Major Account Development System and TCORCalc® in the past 24 months.'

- Top Producer of a large Midwest Brokerage




With TCORCalc®

• Translate Your Out-comes to Meet Buyer Expectations

• Provide the Decision Support Needed to Appoint / Retain You as Broker

• Differentiate Yourself from Your Largest Competitors

‘One of our veteran producers just wrote a $70,000 revenue account with the TCORCalc® and the MAD System. This was the largest account he has ever written in his 30 years as a Producer. You have helped us transform our firm’s business model and have re-energized our producers. This business is so much more interesting and fun now.’

- Principal of a Brokerage in Southern California


What If?


What if everything your organization has provided or can provide to buyers could be translated directly into your buyer’s metrics and business outcomes? Wouldn’t you work that way if you could?

‘I picked up a $100,000 revenue account on a BOR that was 100% based on metrics, quantifiable impacts and ROI. The buyer was already positioned to hear my message and “didn’t have time to teach his current broker how to think like us.” We were appointed as the broker with just one meeting. The president and I were drawing charts and graphs on the whiteboard during our meeting, and he even asked me what my KPI’s were… It was awesome!’

-Top Producer of a Major Southeastern Brokerage


Big Data

insurance company analytics

Fact: Big Data analytics have become a top priority at companies nation-wide. According to the 2015 Accenture and GE Survey, 84% of the surveyed companies agreed that the use of Big Data analytics “has the power to shift the competitive landscape for my industry” within the next year.

When asked about their Top 3 Fears if they were unable to implement their Big Data Strategy:

• 66% of companies said, ‘Our competitor(s) will gain market share at our expense’

• 45% said, ‘We will not be able to recover and “catch up” if we delay’

• 48% said, ‘We will start to lose qualified talent to competitors


Fact: Firms that can differentiate their organization with quantifiable data and deliverables will gain market share and succeed. Those who cannot are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Fact: Brokers who can provide quantifiable deliverables and meaningful data to buyers will dominate and transform the brokerage industry.

The Art of Decision Support

TCORCalc® provides you the ability, credibility, data and analytics required to translate YOUR results to the buyer’s outcomes. This provides your most sophisticated buyers with the Decision Support needed to appoint (or retain) you as their Broker.
The results created by TCORCalc®’s analytics pinpoint your organization’s exact impact on the client or prospect’s costs, profits and metrics.

  • Question: Isn’t that what you have been trying to do for some time?
  • Question: Are you ready to move from simply providing Risk Financing Services to Financial Outcomes?
  • Question: Will this give you a competitive advantage?
  • Question: Isn’t this what your largest buyers want?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of the above, it’s time to elevate your game and exceed your revenue threshold and your buyers’ expectations. Our sales platform and software solution for insurance brokers is ready to work for you.

It’s time to join TCORCalc®.

total cost of risk calculation for insurance

insurance broker performance analytics

The New Era of Selling

This is the era of Big Data, Metrics and Analytics for insurance brokers. Firms that can differentiate their organization with quantifiable metrics and deliverables will gain market share and succeed. The rest are becoming obsolete.





Policy Information
Loss Ratios
Premium Performance Metrics (PPM’s)
Loss Cost Impact Metrics (LCIM’s)
Resource & Service Impact Valuations
Indirect Loss Cost Factors (ILCF’s)
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Impact
Certified TCOR Analysis


Premiums - Deductibles - Self-Insured - Retained Expenses
Ratio of the claims paid by insurer to the premiums earned
Money paid by the risk financing provider to cover an incident
Your aggregated premium results by line of business
Your aggregated client loss results by line of business
The financial valuation (and impact) of your core and specialty projects and programs
The industry-specific metric to determine accurate indirect loss costs by line of business
The valuation of your impact on key segments of a buyer’s busi-ness model
Third-party validated total loss cost analysis for large accounts used for client and prospect presentations

Analytic Broker™ TCORCalc™


Obsolete Broker




Will you be empowered or obsolete?


“They copied all they could follow but they couldn’t copy my mind so I left ‘em sweating and stealing a year and a half behind.”
- Rudyard Kipling, “Ballad of the Mary Gloucester”

The Business of Outcomes

For decades the Insurance Brokerage Industry’s delivery of risk financing and risk management services has not changed. Every professional brokerage firm attempts to demonstrate their expertise and client “advantages”.

But, what about your actual outcome? Are you able to show how your organization has used the intellectual capital and specialized resources to improve your buyer’s business results, Key Performance Indicators and metrics? Isn’t this what your C-Suite buyers want to know?

'We focused all of our prospect conversations on the financial impact of our resources, improving bottom-line performance, increasing EBITDA, increasing profits and operating efficiencies. We won the account and never spoke about insurance pricing.'
- Producer of a Top 50 Brokerage


Analytic Brokers and TCORCalc® users are able to provide these important answers to their upper middle market clients using our software solution for insurance brokers:

  • Impact on Client Business Results – How your firm provided the client EBITDA improvement, Shareholder Value increase and Capital Expenditure contributions.
  • Impact on client KPI’s – How does the contribution of your firm translate to client output in Business Key Performance Indicators such as efficiency, productivity and overhead ratios?
  • Impact on Client Business Metrics – Ways that your organization can provide benchmarks of results and projections for client budgeting and decision support that are based upon Analytics.

Of course, to accomplish this, you need a software solution for insurance brokers that can certify your results and provide data quantifiable sales presentations. This is the role of TCORCalc®. Providing you with analytic results and sales processes based upon your Certified TCORCalc® client outcomes.


'Our renewal pricing increased by 60%, but our impact on their total costs reduced by 40%. The investment bankers thanked us!'
- Producer of a Top 10 Brokerage


So, the choice is yours:


Enter the world that your best clients and prospects now live in by providing meaningful analytical results based on outcomes...
Or, stay . . . Sweating and Stealing a Year and a Half Behind.

Becoming a TCORCalc® Member

The gateway to increased revenues and larger accounts lies with your ability to elevate your sales process to meaningfully impact your buyer's business model with quantifiable outcomes.

TCORCalc® is the only sales platform and software solution for insurance brokers in existence that provides insurance brokerages with the tools required to compete on this advanced level.

We offer the analytics, comprehensive sales training, and sales presentations required to sell savvy C-Suite buyers using data-driven outcomes. For a more detailed explanation of what we do, and what it takes to elevate your sales process to that of an Analytic Broker using the TCORCalc software solution for insurance brokers, follow the button below:

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