Quantify your impact.

As a provider of services to risk management, brokerage, and insurance carriers – you create a quantifiable value for users.  

Do you actually know that impact? Do you translate it to your customers and users?

Are you missing the biggest piece of your value proposition? Wouldn’t you like to demonstrate your impact?



Stand out in the crowd.

In today’s world of data and client outcomes, the reliance on unquantified “Value Added” services is over. 

Unless you actually know your value, it is difficult to gain traction for your services. There are just too many voices calling for a risk solutions buyer’s attention.



Find your message.

TCORCalc® Data Solutions provides you the ultimate differentiator: the quantified value of your services and how it provides your buyers with a true financial solution.

The final results are then translated by the KPI’s that are MOST important to your broker clients or risk management organizations.

Here are some examples of how TCORCalc® Data Solutions delivers the missing link of finacial outcomes for Risk Services Solution Providers.


Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS)

TCORCalc® provides the translation of improved tracking data into a actionable financial result.  Providing RMIS users the ability to focus on business metrics.


Risk Control Services

Whether it is information portals, specific risk control services or risk control safety products, TCORCalc® answers the question most commonly asked by buyers . . .”If we work together, what is the ROI of your offering.”


Claims Management Services

For you to accurately assist your clients, it is critical to know the ultimate Enterprise Cost of Claims (ECC).  With TCORCalc®, you are able to demonstrate your “Full” financial outcome to buyers of your services.


Risk Management Consulting

TCORCalc® provide the actual and projected outcomes of Risk Management Consulting projects.  The translation of these outcomes in business and KPI terms is the critical “decision support” tool for C-Suite executives and managers.