2018 Analytic Brokerage Mentorship Program

2018 Analytic Brokerage Mentorship Program
Powered by TCORCalc®

The Analytic Brokerage Mentorship Program is a hands-on program that will empower your participants as they learn:

  • How to create larger account prospects
  • How to deliver your specific financial impact to buyers
  • How to position the sale around outcomes
  • How to have a business discussion with C-Suite buyers
  • How to build a pipeline of solid prospects

Of course, all of this will be provided inside the Analytic Brokerage Platform, powered by TCORcalc®.

Here is the current syllabus for your review.

To officially enroll a broker to participate, simply complete the registration form below.


If you have any questions regarding the Mentorship Program, please contact Greg Dunn via email or phone at (612) 618-2167.

Terms & Conditions

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