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Workshop Overview

The Analytic Brokerage™ Sales Workshop will provide you with the in-depth Sales Skills to take your Large Account production efforts to the highest level!

Our workshops are a super-charged opportunity for you to hone your Analytic Brokerage Sales Message and Delivery Skills.

We will cover a lot of critical ground in the workshop with you. We are going to show you how to...

  • Identify, create and approach the right prospects
  • Have an in-depth and meaningful conversation with your prospects (it's NOT about the insurance commodity!)
  • Learn how your Buyer keeps score (EBITDA, Ownership Equity, KPI's, etc.)
  • Establish 'Broker Control' and move the Buyer from Prospect to Client
  • Translate and attach YOUR VALUE to your buyer's business model
  • Deliver the TCORCalc Deliverables (we will focus on the Financial Leakage Report for New Business Opportunities)
  • And much, much more...

This is an intensive and interactive insurance sales workshop. It will focus on helping YOU improve your large account production. All attendees will be expected to show up with a few solid prospects in mind. We are going to help you move your Buyer from prospect to client and help you make more money.

This is NOT theory. This is real analytic and outcome-based selling. Your largest buyers are now expecting you to be able to show them how you can improve their Business Outcomes. We will show you how.

To grow your book of business, elevate your selling techniques, attract larger accounts, and learn how to compete by demonstrating a powerful value proposition to your prospects and clients, reserve your space now.

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Praise and Feedback from our prior Analytic Brokerage Workshops

Within eight months of the workshop and joining TCORCalc, our firm created over $600,000 of new income.


I can honestly say the workshop was one of the best that I have ever attended. I am really looking forward to using this approach on a couple of prospects.


The two days I spent with TCORCalc were the best two days of training I have attended in many years. The content and presentation were fantastic. I am excited to continue to learn more and utilize it to grow my book.


Well organized and expertly presented!


Great tools for new producers and to help with initial prospect contact - your suggested prospect email and phone messages are awesome!