Deliver quantified financial outcomes.

C-Suite buyers require demonstration of the actual (or projected) ROI from your business relationship. Brokerages that can create and quantify true value will gain market share and success.

Is your brokerage able to quantify an accurate demonstration of your financial impact? Do you translate it to your customers via their most important KPIs?

If not, you missing the biggest piece of your value proposition. Wouldn’t you like to demonstrate a tangible financial impact?


Differentiate from competition.

Brokers who embrace results-based outcomes will excel in today’s markteplace. To speak the language of CFO’s, a broker needs to understand the importance of creating quantifiable impacts. They need a data-driven value proposition to win.   

Unless you penetrate a buyer’s financial statement, it is difficult to gain traction in the sale.  Armed with TCORCalc® data, a broker stands apart from his/her competition as a business consultant to the buyer.  

How to Take a Broker of Record Letter (BOR)
Your Fee Income is Way Too Low


Grow revenue by attracting sophisticated accounts. 

TCORCalc® Data Solutions provides you the ultimate insight to bolster your sales program: the quantified value of your outcomes, services, and resources.

This value proposition provides your buyers with a true financial solution to their critical business issues. 


Here are some examples of how TCORCalc® Data Solutions delivers the missing link of financial outcomes for Insurance Brokerages.


Value Risk Financing Placements

TCORCalc® lets you demonstrate the value of your placements by more than simply insurance rates and “competitiveness.”  It let’s you answer this question from buyers: “What was your ultimate impact to us inside our entire organization?”


Risk Control Services

You have invested a tremendous amount of money in resource capabilities.  TCORCalc® provides you a client valuation that becomes your quantifiable Value Proposition.  The quantifiable application of resources becomes a competitive advantage.


Producer Development

The biggest challenge you have is the development of a production and client service team who can work primarily in the middle and upper middle market.  TCORCalc® gives you the basis to quickly develop successful middle and upper middle production teams that create quantifiable client and prospect value.


Brand Differentiation

With TCORCalc® you become a business organization that creates a financial outcome for your clients and prospects.  You firm can compete with any organization, large or small. Your solutions are demonstrated inside your buyers KPI’s and other business metrics.


TCORCalc® – Featured in the Analytic Brokerage™ Platform

Elevate your insurance brokerage with the ultimate revenue growth platform for P&C and Benefits.

Differentiate, modernize, and deliver data-driven outcomes to your best accounts and prospects. 

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