Becoming a TCORCalc Member

becoming a big data analytics for insurance memberA MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN
total cost of risk calculation for insurance

Rob Ekern, Chairman of TCORCalc

Rob Ekern, Chairman of TCORCalc ®

You have already made the first decision.

You want to gain middle/upper-middle market account market share and grow your insurance agency. You have determined that your middle/upper-middle commercial sales and client services need to move quickly into quantifiable Analytic Results. You have seen how your buyers have invested in dashboards, KPI’s and metrics. You have agreed that in order to stay in the game, you need a way to attach your outcomes to their business results.

Most importantly, you have seen how quickly business is changing and know that you will be behind the curve if you don’t begin to act soon. And, you want to move in such a way that supports your sales and client resource capabilities.

TCORCalc® can provide you with what you need to be successful. Our platform is designed to increase your revenue and grow your insurance agency. We will show you how to improve your sales results, EBITDA and client retention using your own Metrics, Analytics and KPI’s.

TCORCalc® will demonstrate how to use your own data-driven outcomes to create Stewardship Reports, New Business Presentations and a sales culture centered around your firm’s proven, analytic results.

At the end of the will need to decide whether or not you want these results.

Please take the time to review this document. We understand that it might take 10 minutes of your time. By doing so, it will allow you to have a deeper understanding of this important choice you need to make. Do you move ahead now and grab market share or wait until it is too late and you are chasing someone else?

The decision is yours.

Best Regards,
Rob Ekern, CAB (Certified Analytic Broker ™)
Chairman, TCORCalc ®

Broker Performance Analytics chart

With TCORCalc ®


  • Translate Your Outcomes to Meet Buyer Expectations
  • Provide the Decision Support Needed to Appoint / Retain You as Broker
  • Differentiate Yourself from Your Largest Competitors
  • Grow Your Insurance Agency


Step 1. Determining if TCORCalc® is the Right Fit For You
total cost of risk calculation for insurance

If you intend to grow your insurance agency and prosper in the middle and upper middle market, you will need to determine how you are going to improve your analytics and client results. You probably have first class resource capabilities, however if you do not have the ability to valuate them, it is probable you will be behind the curve as clients are looking for quantifiable BUSINESS results (not merely features and insurance-based outcomes).

TCORCalc® is not right for everyone. This is not a short-term sales approach. It is a business platform for those firms who intend to stay in the game. Before investing time in further discussion, it will be important that you and senior members of your firm answer 6 qualifying questions:


Does your new business and client retention focus on commercial Property/Casualty accounts between 25K and 300K in revenue?
Do you have your own resources in the area of risk control, claims management and specialized client services?
Are you committed to the continued improvement of your large account sales process?
Do you accept the fact that most C-Suite buyers are looking for providers who can impact their business model, metrics and KPI’s?
Are you willing to advance your sales organization and blend it into a business results firm?
Does your firm culture allow you to work long-term with “outside” consultancies and firms who bring you tools that you could not build for yourself?


If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions above, it might make sense for us toanalytics for insurance brokerage have a conversation. During which, we will ask you a number of things, including your honest assessment of where you believe your organization is today and where it is looking to go in the next several years.



‘I picked up a $100,000 revenue account on a BOR that was 100% based on metrics, quantifiable impacts and ROI. The buyer was already positioned to hear my message and “didn’t have time to teach his current broker how to think like us.” We were appointed as the broker with just one meeting. The president and I were drawing charts and graphs on the whiteboard during our meeting, and he even asked me what my KPI’s were… It was awesome!’


-Top Producer of a Major Southeastern Brokerage

Step 2. Our Initial Conversation
total cost of risk calculation for insurance

During the course of the initial conversation, we will both get to know each other a bit better. We will ask you questions about the current state of your large account production capabilities and your goals to grow your insurance agency over the next several years.

The TCORCalc® platform is for firms who are committed to client results, have the desire and ability to deploy resources and want to continue to develop a top performing sales organization. That in addition to the desire to show clients and prospects quantifiable and credible results.

Let’s have a frank conversation regarding our ability to help you fully capture the potential of your firm and significantly increase your revenue stream.


“I produced over $650,000 of large account new commissions and fees using the Major Account Development System and TCORCalc® in the past 24 months.”


- Top Producer of a large Midwest Brokerage

Step 3. Going Deeper
total cost of risk calculation for insurance

We will ask you to execute a digital Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. This MNDA will provide both of us protection as we each determine whether the TCORCalc® business model is a probable fit. Also, we will ask that you complete a short survey on your current large account production and resources. This information will be used to provide you with a ROI calculation and financial expectations.

We will provide you the decision support needed to show what our material contribution will be to your brokerage firm’s financial results.

Step 4. Your ROI and Proposal
total cost of risk calculation for insurance

fast track to success with big data and analytics companiesThe basis of TCORCalc® success is the revenue and income that our broker members obtain through a sales platform that is Analytic and Results driven. We help you reduce your cost structure, improve these capabilities, and grow your insurance agency.

Our proposal will outline your investment and provide you with a pro-forma that includes your projected results and sales, profit and productivity improvements. It will also provide you with an implementation structure that will fit your specific organization.

“Our renewal pricing increased by 60%, but our impact on our buyer’s total costs reduced by 40%. The investment bankers thanked us!”


- Producer of a Top 10 Brokerage

Step 5. TCORCalc® Deliverables
total cost of risk calculation for insurance

big data is changin insurance forever 2016Once we have both determined that the fit is correct, we will provide you with a much deeper view into our deliverables that will help grow your insurance agency. These deliverables will include:

Financial Leakage Report™ - assess a prospect's cost structure to pinpoint areas for improvement

ValueReport™ – a sample copy of the executive summary of a ValueReport™ used for replicable stewardship.

ValueProposal™ – a sample copy of the executive summary of the ValueProposal™ used for data-driven New Account presentations.

Broker Performance Analytics™ – sample metrics that will be provided through TCORCalc® usage. These include specific client Premium Performance Metrics™, Loss Cost Impact Metrics™, and many more.

Step 6. Decision Time
total cost of risk calculation for insurance

If we have gotten to this point, it will be time for each of us step6to make a choice. Yours will be to determine whether or not TCORCalc® and the results we will provide you are what you want to grow your insurance agency. Also, to ascertain whether or not you are able and willing to implement some of the changes that might be required to utilize a metrics and analytics sales strategy.

Ours will be to make sure that we can deliver on the promise we have made. Data and results are tough task masters and we will want to guarantee your success before signing a contract.

The Biggest Misconception: Aren't We Already Doing This?

insurance company analyticsPlease accept our apologies in advance if we offend you. We hear this all the time from brokers when they say: “This seems to be what we are already doing.”

After a few more questions, they admit, “We certainly don’t (or won’t) take analytics to the level you have already achieved.” Then, they often tell us that they are working on something just like it. Then, they go back to their business knowing it won’t happen soon, if at all.

Do you remember when brokerage firms tried to build their own management software? How did that turn out? Your competitors will spend their money and time on producer development and resource creation that allow them to grab market share. Meanwhile, you’ll spend your days in the IT department discussing code. Enough said.

total cost of risk calculation for insurance

The world of data and analytics are coming faster each quarter. If you wait, the train may have already moved past you. TCORCalc® provides the capabilities of getting on-board immediately to grow your insurance agency.

Remember what the 2015 Accenture and GE Capital Survey said: 84% of the surveyed companies agreed that the use of Big Data analytics “has the power to shift the competitive landscape in my industry” within the next year.

Highly successful businesses in other industries have accepted the need for 3rd party business solutions. It allows them to focus on their main business and let their solution provider continually invest the time money and intellectual capital required to stay in front. By working with TCORCalc®, we can get you up to speed in short order.

Here are some other HUGE obstacles a partnership with TCORCalc® helps you remove:

You will save close to $1 million in the Capital Expenditure required to build the cloud-based application system that TCORCalc® will provide you.
By the time you get Version 1 to work, it will probably already be obsolete.


You will have access to exclusive industry data (outside of your silo) that gains credibility with your clients and prospects.


Sales & Retention
TCORCalc® removes the risk of being perceived as undeserving buyers as other brokers compete against you using client results and analytics.
TCORCalc® will provide you an entire education and onboarding system inside your organization that allows you to recapture data and client results to grow your insurance agency.
TCORCalc® provides comprehensive training for your production team to learn how to sell and deliver financial outcomes to buyers and prospects. It is a sales delivery method based upon your specific outcomes.



“We focused all of our prospect conversations on the financial impact of our resources, improving bottom-line performance, increasing EBITDA, increasing profits and operating efficiencies. We won the account and never spoke about insurance pricing.”


- Producer of a Top 50 Brokerage

total cost of risk calculation for insurance

What is the backbone of the TCORCalc® philosophy?
TCORCalc® is based upon a very simple concept that has been the backbone of selling and client service in our industry. We believe that by providing clients with “Certified” financial advantages, you will outpace your competitors and grow your insurance agency. It is about attracting and retaining middle/upper middle market accounts and improving your sales results and EBITDA.


What makes the TCORCalc® Sales Model Unique?
Your sales and client service team will be trained on how to attract and retain clients with your specific “Certified” and quantifiable outcomes. The C-Suite buyers of today want outcomes and results that improve their business organization.


What is the basis for TCORCalc® Value Proposition?
TCORCalc® outcomes are derived from our proprietary Total Cost of Risk Model. This model uses data that does not exist anywhere else inside the brokerage industry, including Indirect Loss Costs and quantifiable project and resource valuations.


What makes the TCORCalc® data different than what we now have access to?
You probably already have access to limited industry benchmark information. But, you don’t have information on YOUR SPECIFIC client results as regards how much quantifiable value you create. You probably can’t tell a client how you have or will impact their financial outcomes based upon your “Certified” results. Isn’t this what you have been trying to do for a long time? Prove your worth?


Where do the TCORCalc® Certified numbers come from?
TCORCalc® algorithms certify the data from CFO and Risk Management buyers across North America as captured by our cloud based system. As each broker user makes a presentation that is accepted by buyers, the result is captured and translated into ‘real time’ output and assessment of what CFO’s and buyers believe their costs to be.


What size brokerage firm fits the TCORCalc® Member model?
We work with firms of many sizes. Our largest users include 2 firms who are top 10 brokerage firms. Our smallest is a firm who controls approximately $5 million in commercial lines revenue. Here is the key: TCORCalc® members are committed to developing middle/upper middle market accounts using resource capabilities and cost reduction techniques.


What is the price of a TCORCalc® Membership?
As part of our presentation we will provide you an investment cost along with a projected ROI. It will not be possible to provide you with a cost analysis until we understand your specific situation. For us to do this would be the equivalent of asking an insurance carrier underwriter to provide terms without knowing anything about the account.

total cost of risk calculation for insurance

Here is the last thing that it is important to say:

Data and Analytics are a tough task master. There is no hiding when one of your competitors provides their clients with data-driven results on how they improved (or can improve) the buyer’s business model. The holding broker, who probably has done a good job, is now behind the eight ball.

All because they waited until it was too late.

Don’t make the same mistake. Grow your insurance agency today!


'In the first year we have created over $1 Million in large account new revenues by working with TCORCalc® and the MAD System.'

- President of Insurance Services of a Major Bank-Owned Brokeragetotal-cost-of-risk-calculation-for-insurance


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