Consultative Brokerage: A Value Strategy – Book by Rob Ekern

Consultative Brokerage: A Value Strategy - Featuring Total Cost of Risk

Author: Rob Ekern

Consultative Brokerage: A Value Strategy

Consultative Brokerage: A Value Strategy

Consultative Brokerage®: A Value Strategy is based on real life production success and client retention. Practical, workable, and highly profitable techniques make this book a must have for any producer, sales manager, seasoned broker, or insurance company professional. At a glance the books explains:

  • How to establish a quantifiable value proposition that will attract and retain clients
  • How to establish a business discussion with buyers that will differentiate your firm
  • How to effectively utilize the concept of Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)
  • How to make a quality presentation and stewardship report
  • How to compete exclusively on Broker of Record letter (BOR)

Filled with over 60 charts and descriptive displays, this material has been over a decade in the making. Now, it is available to help you and your team learn such value strategies as:

  • The difference between price and cost
  • The language of working with a high level buyer
  • How to reveal the real costs in a buyer's program.
  • Ways to stop the moving parts of a larger sale
  • When and how to ask for the business
  • Where to find resource capabilities and how to value them

Published and distributed by The National Underwriter Company.

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Consultative Brokerage Reviews

Great book, detailed strategies on how to separate yourself from the competition. Goes way beyond most sales books which just provide basic generic, feel good sayings, this book delves into each step of the sales process, what to say and how to present and close.


By Eric Sammonson April 18, 2014

Great book to learn the TCOR method and become a Consultative Broker!


By Courtney Pino on March 25, 2016