Expertise Meets Insight

For over 15 years, TCORCalc® has sought to answer the important business question: what is the financial outcome of your products and services to your clients?

To get the answer, we’ve analyzed thousands of middle/upper-middle market transactions from across North America. From that information,  we’ve developed critical factors and benchmarks that can be applied to accurately quantify the financial impact of your products and services on your buyers’ business models. 

At last, brokers, vendors and risk consultants can quantify and deliver true value to their buyers. With TCORCalc® certified data solutions, you’ll know your numbers. 

Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.

-Dr. W. Edwards Demming

Deliver data-driven client financial impact results w/CFO-certified Analytics

Quantifiable Results

Know your value (and the value of your services) to develop a strong buyer ROI. 


Deliver enterprise value and strategic input to clients via financial deliverables. 

Certified Data

Access key industry benchmarks, certified by CFO’s across North America.


TCORCalc® – Featured in the Analytic Brokerage™ Platform

Elevate your insurance brokerage with the ultimate revenue growth platform for P&C and Benefits.

Differentiate, modernize, and deliver data-driven outcomes to your best accounts and prospects. 

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