It's not total cost of risk (TCOR), unless it's TCORCalc.
99% of your competition cannot accurately assess a buyer's true total cost of risk.  TCORCalc cracked the code. 

Performance Analytics for Insurance Brokers

Know your Numbers

What is TCORCalc?

Business intelligence for insurance brokers designed to measure client impact, brokerage performance, and industry benchmarks.

Our CFO-certified data helps brokerages accross North America gain Revenue Growth,  Competitive Differentiation, and accurate Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) assessments.


Why You Need TCORCalc®

Insurance brokers must implement an analytics strategy to compete in today's data-driven market.

Becoming a TCORCalc® Member

What it takes to quantify your client impact using big data and Broker Performance Analytics™.

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Want to take your large account production to the highest level with Analytic Brokerage™?

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Attract and retain large accounts by implementing our sales platform for insurance brokers.