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Getting Started

Watch a short introductory video: Welcome to TCORCalc and the Analytic Brokerage Platform

Analytic Broker™ Training Series

Episode: Duration:
1. Creating Large Accounts Using Analytics 39:53
2. Understanding TCOR 1:05:39
3. Delivering Business Results to Buyers 47:25
4. Basics of Prospecting with Analytics 51:36
5. Sales Principles of Analytic Brokerage™ 38:17
6. The Analytic Broker Sales Method - IRRI ValueScore™ 51:38
7. Analytic Broker Sales Message 8:11
8. Are Indirect Loss Costs Real? 11:00

Client Deliverable Series

Episode: Duration:
1. The Financial Leakage™ Report 36:17
2. Growing Business with The ValueReport™ 44:45
3. ValueReport™ Demonstration Video 12:55
4. The Operational Exposure™ (OpEx) Report 12:10

Keynote Presentations

Episode Duration
1. 100% Success in New Business 52:08
2. Writing and Keeping Larger Accounts 70:10
3. Creating Analytic Brokerage Prospects 50:11
4. Obtaining BOR's for Large Accounts 56:34
5. Success Story with Chuck Eckert of SilverStone Group 11:30
6. Working the Outer Ring 30:11
7. New Platform Tools - 2018 - Keynote 61:30

Analytic Broker Tools

Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement
New Account Worksheet (IRRI ValueScore)
Re-Thinking Indirect Loss Costs (Article)
Total Cost of Risk Re-Defined (Article)
Financial Leakage Estimator (Tool)
ROI/Fee Calculator (Tool)

How to Choose Your Broker  (Marketing Series)

A Letter to C-Suite Buyers of Insurance
The Worst Choices a Buyer Can Make
Where's the Beef?
How to Tell if You Have Outgrown Your Insurance Broker
The Only Fair Way to Pay Your Broker
What Every Contractor Should Know
Look Past a Broker's Smokescreen
Equity Investors Must Recapture Wasted Capital