Insurance Brokerages

C-Suite buyers require demonstration of the actual (or projected) ROI from your business relationship. Brokerages that can create and quantify true value will gain marketshare and success.

Is your brokerage able to quantify an accurate demonstration of your financial impact? Do you translate it to your customers via their most important KPIs?

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 Risk Services Providers

As a provider of services to risk management, brokerage, and insurance carriers – you create a quantifiable value for users.

 Do you actually know that impact? Do you translate it to your customers and users?

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Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) 2.0™

TCOR 2.0™  is the data-driven assessment of a buyer’s cost structure that offers next level insight of risk services impact and provides financial impact quantification.

It is rapidly being accepted by risk services buyers, brokers and financial executives across North America as the most accurate gauge of financial outcomes.

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Measure your cost structure to determine areas for financial improvement.

Quantify the impact value of your products and services to build an ROI for your customers. 

Offer data-driven decision support to buyers to make critical business decisions. 

Grab market share through quantifiable differentiation.  


TCORCalc® – Featured in the Analytic Brokerage™ Platform

Elevate your insurance brokerage with the ultimate revenue growth platform for P&C and Benefits.

Differentiate, modernize, and deliver data-driven outcomes to your best accounts and prospects. 

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Customized Data Solutions for Complex Business Needs

As a broker, risk services provider or risk management consultant, you have always asked this question:  What is the financial value of our offering and how does it impact the buyer’s business metrics? 

TCORCalc® data solutions has the answer.

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